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Adopting an EV lifestyle is exciting, but knowing where to start is often challenging

Evie’s all-inclusive charging deal helps you get started at home and on-the-go. It covers the supply and installation of your EV home charger alongside a public charging voucher from Evie Networks – Australia’s leading public fast-charging network. Enjoy peace of mind with access to Evie’s nationwide fast chargers, powered by 100% renewable energy. This offer is available on select vehicles1.

This offer is provided by Evie Networks and is available when referred by a Ford Authorised EV Dealer.

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Evie charging deal $2,580 (Inc. GST)2

Package includes:

Charging Unit

- Teltonika Teltocharge AC charger
- 7.4kW single-phase
- 5m tethered cable, with Type 2 connector
- Smartphone app enabling charge scheduling, remote monitoring and control
- 3-year warranty3
- 22kw three-phase chargers and solar integration is available at a further cost


- National network of installers2
- Install within 50km of state capital
- Charger to be installed within 15m of the electrical distribution box4
- Excludes apartments and commercial installation
- 2-year warranty

Public voucher

​- $400 Evie public charging voucher for use at any Evie Networks public fast chargers nationwide
- Evie DC fast chargers in every State and Territory: 200+ locations, 460+ charging points
- Valid for 12 months from purchase date
- Delivered via email for you to activate on the Evie Charging App

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Important Information

1. Available for Mach-E, Escape PHEV, Ranger Plug-in Hybrid (coming 2025) and E-Transit

2. Terms & Conditions:

Offer ends 17/09/2024.

Details of the offer are subject to change.

Any questions regarding the offer, hardware, installation or public charging voucher should be directed to the Evie Networks 24/7 Call Centre on: 1300 463 843 / homecharging@evie.com.au

Evie Networks public charging voucher offer is valid for 12 months from date of issue. Use of this Promotional Offer is subject to the Evie Terms of Service & Privacy Policy. To find out more about Evie visit evie.com.au.

Purchase of product is subject to Evie’s Home Charging equipment and install terms and conditions.

If the customer is not covered by Evie's standard installation, they can quote non-standard installation through their survey process.

3. Warranty conditions may apply. Evie goods come with consumer guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. The Evie warranty does not limit and may not exceed your rights under those guarantees

4. If the charger needs to be installed beyond 15m of the electrical distribution box, Evie can quote non-standard installation through their survey process