Smart oil servicing

Your Ford may be fitted with an Intelligent Oil Life Monitoring (IOLM) system. This smart system measures the performance of your vehicle’s oil.

How does it work?

People do different types of driving and IOLM personalises your Ford’s Oil and Oil Filter replacement by the way you drive, to help keep your vehicle performing efficiently, year after year. IOLM uses the data from your vehicle’s engine performance and monitors the operating conditions. It even takes your driving habits into account. These include towing, off-road driving, extended idling or low speed intervals. The more stress you place on your vehicle, the shorter the time between oil replacement services, which support your vehicle’s health.

What do I look out for?

The first IOLM servicing alert – Change Engine Oil Soon – comes on when your oil is at 5% health. You should book an oil service as soon as you can. The second IOLM alert – Oil Change Required – warns you that your oil is at 0% health. You should book an oil service immediately. These alerts appear on both your instrument display and your FordPass app. At the point of the alert being displayed, please contact your local Ford dealer to book in an Oil & Oil Filter replacement service. The Ford dealer may discuss with you if an annual vehicle service is also required, depending upon the next vehicle service due date. Once your Ford dealer replaces the Oil & Oil Filter, they will reset your IOLM.​

How do I look after my oil?

An oil service is required when the oil change message appears in the information display, being the Intelligent Oil Life Monitor (IOLM) trigger, or every 12 months, whichever comes first. Please refer to the Owners Manual or Service Portfolio in your vehicle for all of your vehicle’s scheduled servicing requirements or contact your local Ford dealer.