Add a brake test to your Scheduled Service for just $33

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The Importance Of Regular And Effective Brake Testing

Your Safe-T-Stop Brake Test is performed on the world's most advanced plate brake tester. The PlateTronic brake tester meets all standards for light and heavy vehicle roadworthy brake testing. PlateTronic brake testers measure and simulate a vehicle's brake performance - just as it would happen in an emergency stop on the road! It's a test you can really trust, and you'll even get photo proof that the checks were run on YOUR car.

What Your Safe-T-Stop Test Report Includes

The Safe-T-Stop brake, alignment and suspension test report is an accurate and easy to understand condition report on your wheel alignment, suspension and brake analysis. Adjustments can be made that will deliver you real savings on your motoring and ensure your brakes operate at peak performance.

  • Detects dangerous side to side and front-to-rear brake imbalances that can cause a vehicle to lose control
  • Checks drag / alignment on both front and rear axles to guarantee maximum tyre performance
  • Measures ride quality by testing the rebound and oscillation of the suspension, from firm to soft
  • Measures corner weight and acts as a weighbridge
  • Gives an accurate, easy to read printout of the vehicle's performance with date/time stamped photo proof that the test has been completed on YOUR vehicle

The test report reveals not only how your vehicle is performing under every day driving conditions, but also what would happen in an emergency braking situation. The Safe-T-Stop test gives both you and your service centre the vital information to address any defects and ensure your brakes are in tip top condition. It can mean the difference between a safe stop and an accident.

The Benefits Of A Safe-T-Stop Check

A Safe-T-Stop check will give you an accurate and detailed report that will enable you to make the adjustments necessary so you will:

  • Know that your vehicle will stop straight and in the shortest possible distance in an emergency
  • Get the best performance from your tyres and save money by not replacing them as often
  • Maximise your fuel consumption by minimising tyre drag
  • Know that your shock absorbers are working correctly for optimum suspension performance
  • Avoid future hassles and inconvenience of brake, suspension or tyre trouble
  • Detects dangerous side to side and front-to-rear brake imbalances that can cause a vehicle to lose control

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