Ford National Roadside Assistance and Auto Club Lifestyle Membership is included with your vehicle purchase and following each eligible Scheduled Service at a participating Ford Dealer1 . Applicable to Retail and Small Business Customers (Fleet less than 5 vehicles) only.

Large Fleet (5 vehicles or more) and Government customers are eligible to have Ford National Roadside Assistance cover added, upon request at a participating Ford Dealer at Sale and following each eligible Scheduled Service.

Whether you’re ten minutes from home or hours away, you only need to experience a flat tyre or flat battery to know the value of National Ford Roadside Assistance. Together with Auto Club Lifestyle Membership, you also get to leverage the Auto Club Rewards Program of your home State or Territory, and other exclusive discounts including travel, accommodation, retail and lifestyle experiences. Until your vehicle reaches 7 years of age, each time a Standard A or B Scheduled Service is completed by a participating Ford Dealer, you’ll receive an Auto Club Lifestyle Membership and Ford National Roadside Assistance for up to 12 months from the date of the service.

Ford National Roadside Assistance benefits include:

(Available to all Ford customers, including Retail, Fleet & Govt. customers)

24/7, 365 days per year

Should you require Roadside Assistance during a breakdown, call via our toll-free hotline 13 3673 (13 FORD) for support - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in Australia.

Flat battery

If you experience a flat battery, a jump-start or battery replacement will be provided under your roadside cover. For 12 months from the first date of vehicle registration, if your battery fails, we will replace it at no cost to you.

Out of fuel

Roadside Assistance will help with the provision of petrol or diesel, where available, to enable you to travel to the nearest re-fuelling facility or, alternatively, arrange a tow.

Flat tyre

A flat tyre will be changed (where vehicle has a serviceable spare) or, if necessary, a tow will be arranged.


​Roadside Assistance will support where possible in opening your vehicle, including locating and delivering your spare keys (where applicable), or arranging a taxi to collect your spare keys, or a tow to the closest Ford Dealer provided adequate proof of ownership can be shown.

​Mechanical breakdown​

​For all non-collision or non-insurance related breakdowns that have disabled your vehicle or made it unsafe to drive, please call 13 3673 (13 FORD) for assistance. Where applicable, a Service Patrol Vehicle will be dispatched to assist in mobilising your vehicle at the roadside.


​In the event that a vehicle cannot be mobilised at the roadside, that vehicle will be towed to the nearest Ford Dealer or authorised Ford Service outlet.

Calling Roadside Assistance

In order for the Roadside Assistance team to better aid you, please have the following information ready to provide to the operator upon request:

  • Your Name
  • Registration number of the vehicle
  • Precise location of the vehicle
  • A brief description of the problem
  • A contact phone number (where possible)

​Bogged Vehicles

Where your vehicle has become bogged on a public or private road which is in a suitable state to traverse driving a two-wheel Patrol Service Vehicle, Roadside Assistance will extract your vehicle where possible and if safe to do so.​

​Off-Road Rescue​

​If your vehicle experiences a breakdown off-road such as in creeks, on beaches and in fields, Roadside Assistance will be provided, where possible and safe to do so, to rescue your vehicle. See link below for full description.

Caravan and Trailer Towing

Where your covered vehicle experiences a breakdown, a tow will also be arranged for any caravan, trailer or horse floats attached to the vehicle. This will be towed to safety, to the same destination as the vehicle, as required. Conditions apply, see link below for full details.

​Personal Benefits more than 100km from home​

​If your vehicle experiences a non-collision, non-insurance mechanical breakdown whilst more than 100km from your home address, and a tow is arranged where the vehicle cannot be repaired on the same day, personal benefits such as accommodation, alternative transport and vehicle recovery are available to you.

Explore State Auto Club Lifestyle Membership benefits:

(Available to Retail and Blue Fleet customers only)

How long will I be covered under the Ford National Roadside Assistance and Auto Club Lifestyle Membership program?


When you first purchase your new Ford vehicle (Retail and Blue Fleet customers), you will receive Ford National Roadside Assistance and Auto Club Lifestyle Membership with your home State or Territory, from the date of first registration. We’ll then renew your cover for up to 12 months, each time you complete a Standard A or B Scheduled Service with a participating Ford Dealer, until your vehicle reaches 7 years of age.

Ford National Roadside Assistance and State Auto Club Lifestyle Membership will cease at the expiration of your 12 month coverage. If you miss a service or go longer than 12 months between services, your vehicle will not be covered for the period between expiration and when the vehicle is presented for service.

How long will it take for my State Auto Club Lifestyle Membership to be created?


Provided we have all your information necessary to register the State Auto Club Lifestyle Membership then processing should not take longer than approximately 14 business days. Where information is incomplete, the Roadside Assistance team will reach out to you by SMS, email or by phone to request the missing information required to process your registration.

My contact details have changed, who should I contact to update these?


​You can reach out directly to your State or Territory Auto Club to update your contact details, alternatively please contact your Ford Dealer to provide updated home address, contact number or email address.

I’ve moved Interstate, can I transfer my Ford National Roadside Assistance and Auto Club Lifestyle Membership to my new State or Territory?


​Ford National Roadside Assistance applies nationwide, therefore you do not need to transfer your coverage. Your Auto Club Lifestyle Membership will be updated when you complete your next Standard A or B Scheduled Service with a participating Ford Dealer in your new State or Territory, provided your vehicle has not reached 7 years of age.

What happens if I already have an existing State Auto Club Membership?


If you are an existing Auto Club Member, please reach out directly to your local Auto Club and discuss the options available to you regarding your current Auto Club Membership.